Short Ribs that Will Shorten Your Lifespan (but so Worth it!)

Yes, this is a high-octane recipe. Yes, you brown the meat in bacon fat… so the less your cardiologist knows, the better.

Live a little.

That’s the motto I use when we have friends over and… it’s the NFL weekend kick-off AND… you’re taking good care of your health. Once in awhile, it’s wise to put aside your fears and dig in to a good dish.

This recipe fits the bill.

It starts with bacon, which should be included in every great recipe so what’s not to love? Then, any semblance of healthy eating goes out the window. You brown the beef in bacon fat and once beef and bacon fats are rendered together as one, you brown onions and garlic in the pan. If that’s not hard core, nothing is!

But the mix of sherry cooking wine, thyme and dutch over roasting time make this the perfect indulgent meal.

Chef John’s Sherry-Braised Beef Short Ribs dish is easy to make and, when paired with the right starch and veggie, you will treat your family and guests to a delicious meal. I opted for egg noodles, a tried-and-true starch that acts like a canvas for all the flavors that come through in the meat and gravy. I also chopped up the cooked meat so adults and children alike could eat it without the complication of slicing up the meat. Besides, a slab of beef in a bowl of noodles… kind of sucks.

I also included steamed peas, drizzled with melted butter and stirred. This vegetable cleanses the palette between bites and sips of wine.

Lastly, the wine – oh the joys of a killer Malbec with this dish! A Cabernet Savignon would work just as well, but you have to hand it to the Argentinians. Their Malbecs represent the most consistent and affordable grapes on the market, for now. I’m also developing a penchant for South African reds.

Here’s the video but the recipe’s ingredients can be found in the link previously shared.

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