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My name is Kendall and I’m a proud father. Pictured below is my son, Connor, a photo taken a few years back. He’s not as chunky now but he’s on his way to being a kind, fun, and tall kid. I can’t even describe how quickly he is growing!

The author and ‘Connor The Barbarian’

This book represents the tail end of a 5-year project, where the goal was to draft the first advice book for new dads who never had one themselves growing up. There are millions of guys out there who want to provide an upgrade to the next generation, i.e. a better childhood experience.

That’s the mission, and if we’re successful our kids will have the equivalent of a treasure chest stuffed with terrific childhood memories. You’ll find advice on parenting tips, craft projects, how to be a better spouse and I included one of my passions – cooking. If you’ve got to do something around the house, there’s no better paternal feeling that feeding people good food.

I’ll hope you’ll stick around, follow the blog and stay tuned for new projects associated with the Rookie Father brand. Reach out via the contact link and say hi.

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