Plastic Killing our Oceans? Bad. Old-School Lunch Tins? Awesome

If you agree our society uses too much plastic, you’re brighter than the average bulb. Here’s our endorsement for one of the best solutions available to parents.

Enough with the plastic lunch bags! Let’s stop killing our planet right now and collectively agree using petroleum-based items to package food for kids, sucks.

I credit my wife with finding this product, and you only need two of these to make it sensible for day-to-day use. She saw me stuff a half sandwich, packaged in plastic, and noted the endorsed item here doesn’t require any bags. She shamed me!

The medium-sized LunchBots metal container costs $24.99, which may sound pricey but if it saves you from spending the same amount over the course of four years, it pays for itself. Multiply four school years (160 days x 4 = 640 plastic lunch bags) and you’ll end up ahead. Buy two of them for convenience and you’ll still end up saving money, and prevent roughly 150 of those bags floating around the oceans of the world.

I made up that last figure, who knows what filters down through our gutters and rivers to the sea… cut me some slack.

The Father Apprentice is proud to sponsor this product for purchase, and we were not paid to do so. What a concept: a blogger not paid to recommend products. This is based on common sense, which the world is lacking in the age in which we live.

Stuff that container with a treat, a veggie or fruit serving and of course a sandwich or pieces of homemade sushi for all I care. That suggestion may contradict the title of this article, but so be it. Fish have a better chance to survive and avoid human capture if they are not killed first by gnawing on plastic debris.

Enjoy, and for the record, Amazon shoppers rate this product at the four-star level consistently across different sizes.

Let’s get back to old-school methods that were environmentally sustainable. I’m sure Al Gore uses one of these every day when he’s busy at work designing PowerPoint decks.

That odd thing in the top-left corner is a napkin holder. Irreverence plays a role in every room in our house, because life is too short to be serious ALL the time 😉

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