2021 – Top 10 Life Events to Look Forward to

There’s no debate that 2020 was a dumpster fire. For any dad out there (or any human being for that matter), here’s a list of things to look forward to in 2021.   Here are some things to look forward to next year, in no particular order, which is on par with life today given... Continue Reading →

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Brilliant Dedication to His Father

Released earlier today, this homage to the relationship his shared with his father is both touching and epic. Regardless if you are a Van Halen fan or not, it is worth a listen. Featured via YouTube, this compilation of family footage will stop any dad dead in his tracks. Wolfgang did a spectacular job honoring... Continue Reading →

Confessions from a Job-Hunting/Quarantining Dad

A Father’s lengthy job hunt dovetailed into the Springtime-Covid quarantine. The result - habits and concerns that do not equate to normal behavior. At a certain point, after you job hunt for ten months and then spend the next eight working from home, you are hit with a moment of clarity. You are not the... Continue Reading →

Nacho Libre Results in… Nacho Toddler!

He moved behind me, flanking my position on the carpet. I could sense his presence, which is not hard to fathom. What he did next was shocking. He pulled both my arms around, bent them at the elbows, then collapsed on top of me: fifty pounds of weight, on my back, with my arms entangled... Continue Reading →

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