Healthy Breaded Chicken Cutlets are Not Impossible

For God’s sake – drop that piece of KFC fried chicken! Colonel Sanders may not be trying to kill you, but he’s not helping. Here’s a healthy alternative.

There’s nothing more decadent than a delicious piece of deep-fried chicken. Don’t believe me? Check out the nutritional facts regarding a KFC original-recipe chicken breast.

And that’s just one piece. In approximately ten bites, you’ve already hit 40% of your cholesterol quota for the day, plus 1/3rd of what you’re eating represents unadulterated fat.

Here’s the alternative, compliments of Chef John’s website, FoodWishes. I fully admit I am obsessed with this site – it takes all the guesswork out of cooking because you can see how the food should look as you prepare it. Plus, there are a ton of cooking tips.

Chef John’s Crispy Garlic Breadcrumb Chicken is, hands down, the best healthy chicken dish I’ve served outside of BBQ’d chicken skewers, which I covered in this post. This dish has a few more steps but it beats a pan filled with oil and the mess of eggs, flour, bread crumbs and salmonella.

The key to keeping the chicken moist? You rinse and dry the chicken breasts first, then coat it with a unique mixture – dijon mustard, mayonaise and balsamic vinegar. It worked, perfectly.

The flavor is phenomenal; panko bread crumbs with minced garlic and a hint of cayenne pepper make this dish table worthy.

Here’s the video to review. I served it with a side of potatoes and steamed asparagus. To make it even more healthy, ditch the potato and serve with a quinoa dish. That way, your meal is bulletproof, because you will not deny yourself the opportunity to butter up that potato sitting on your plate.

To good not to make, especially for those in search of healthy alternatives.

Here’s the video synopsis of Chef John’s dish. Enjoy!

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