The Father Apprentice Finds a Home: Familius Publishing

Familius Publishing LLC will represent the publisher behind the forthcoming book, The Father Apprentice (Vol. #1).

A personal note to thank the fans, friends and family members who supported me during this long and exciting journey.

The blog represents the home for a broader manuscript that has been in the works for several years. Fortunately, with a little persistence and dedication, a publisher was secured who will provide the means to produce and distribute the first volume of The Father Apprentice.

Familius Publishing LLC has a long history of bringing family-friendly content to market. I invite you to check out their catalog of books, which are available for sale.

The mission behind The Father Apprentice is not dissimilar to the Publisher’s, which you can see for yourself on their website.

Here’s the recap of the mission behind The Father Apprentice:

The Father Apprentice is dedicated to men experiencing fatherhood for the first time who may not have had fathers themselves growing up. It provides succinct advice that is actionable across a range of subjects that relate to being a great parent, husband and role model. The mission is to provide a stronger foundation for the next generation.

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