Kids Cutting with Knives in the Kitchen

If you’re assuming this title reflects a negligent parent, who lets their son cut vegetables and fruit with little concern for their safety, you are partially correct.

The latter is correct, negligent is inaccurate by all measures! My son does not wield Gingko or Cutco knives. The ones he uses are manufactured by StarPack. He’s been using them since the age of 3, and he’s getting quite good at being my sous chef in the kitchen…

They are plastic and serrated, 100% safe and I’m showing him the proper way to cut veggies and fruit. He’s actually quite slow and methodical, he rarely swings the knives around like some kind of high-speed hibachi chef. When he does, often times a chunk of celery gets lodged in the plastic and when he raised it, the food loosens and goes soaring in the air. I’ve found chunks of veggies that have flown over his head and landed behind his seat at the center island.

I recommend easy veggies to cut. His work with carrots in the past has not been pretty. And for God sakes, plastic knives and onions do not make for a good pairing. My son cried for 20 minutes. The result of that incident was a soufflé that collapsed and never recovered.

Okay, I’ve never made a soufflé but I hope that made you laugh.

I hope you’ll give these knives a try and as I’ve written previously, cooking with kids is a blast.

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