Article Published, The Good Men Project: Bullying & Resilience

A previous blog post was published as an article by The Good Men Project: Stop Bullying? Obviously, but Promote Resilience with Equal Vigor We invite our fans and readers to visit to review and to find other terrific advice on fatherhood, relationships, etc.

Teaching Self Defense: A Lesson for Dads Everywhere

My son was threatened at school, and like any parent and I wanted to ensure my son would be able to defend himself if things got ugly. This resulted in an extremely humbling lesson for… the parent himself. Bullies suck I knew this day would arrive sooner than later and it brought back memories of... Continue Reading →

Kids Cutting with Knives in the Kitchen

If you’re assuming this title reflects a negligent parent, who lets their son cut vegetables and fruit with little concern for their safety, you are partially correct. The latter is correct, negligent is inaccurate by all measures! My son does not wield Gingko or Cutco knives. The ones he uses are manufactured by StarPack. He’s... Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient That Made America Fat and Diabetic

I worked for Men’s Health Magazine for a total of nine years during my career and it represents an outstanding experience. It wasn’t just the people that worked there, it was the mission behind the brand: health, wellness, and in many cases, the magazine featured stories that were truly thought-provoking. Yes, they continue to have... Continue Reading →

Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad is Actually Quite Intoxicating

Despite the uproar over the brand addressing #MeToo in its advertising, it provides a unique opening: to distinguish gentlemen from knuckle draggers You have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to Gillette’s new commercial. Consider the uphill battle that must have taken place in corporate boardrooms, creative agencies and in the... Continue Reading →

When Community Institutions Fail: Safeguards Parents can Implement Today

There’s a philosophy an author relies on when they write fiction for their readers: suspended disbelief. It represents a contract between the writer and reader, one that implies that although a story may be fake, the premise and actions will be grounded in reality. Given what has taken place across a wide range of institutions,... Continue Reading →

The Dividends of a Fun Kid Project: Scotch!

A crafts project, and a killer scotch. There’s one purpose behind this post – to provide an idea for a fun project to do with your kid(s). But then, I’ll be honest, there’s another one. Let’s get the kid stuff out of the way. You can literally make anything out of product packaging. Case in... Continue Reading →

A Cynical Perspective on Cynics: Preventing Your Kid from Becoming One

Cynics have a place in society. They represent the devil’s advocate, and usually on the negative side of a debate. No matter how rosy something may look, their glass is half empty. I’m not discussing Debbie the Downer types. Those folks need to be thrown out a window without a discussion about consequences. I’m referring... Continue Reading →

Surprise! I Still Love the Hell out of You

Two years into parenthood… Not a single break. Four years in… and still, not one break. At five years, one month and twenty-one days later we finally got our first break from being fulltime parents. Since the day my son was born, one of us was present for the first five-plus years of his life.... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Projects and Quality Time with Kids: Kiwi Crate

Here’s a unique concept – endorsing a product from a company without being compensated to do so. Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service that provides STEM-related projects. My wife signed my son up for these and I’ve been doing them with him for nearly two years. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your child... Continue Reading →

The Epic Cardboard Castle

Why you may ask, did we have so many large cardboard boxes around our house? Well, don’t. Let’s just say the contents which were delivered in those boxes were the equivalent of two new bathrooms. Writing the last three words in the paragraph above makes both my heart and wallet quiver. In light of these... Continue Reading →

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