Molding (Not Scolding) and Clay Figurines

Another outstanding project, compliments of Kiwi Crate. I have to hand it to this crafts company – every project is more unique than the next.

The beauty of this one: it comes with the dry clay you can mold into the shape of figurines. Then, you use a disk shooter is used to try to knock them down. We have an island in our kitchen, which was perfect to use.

This kit comes with two disk shooters.

The shooters themselves did not always work, due to jamming. I believe Wild-E-Coyote had the same challenges with the Acme kits he ordered. But they are not difficult to make.

The disk shooter. When it works, it’s awesome.

The clay is easy to mold and you have to let it dry overnight. That did not over well with my son! It required Jedi-like powers of patience, which is still a work in progress.

The blobs of clay. Is blobs a word? Whatever.
The second one from the right represents a, ‘Bunny from Mars,’ according to my son.
One of my in-laws. Read below.

So I joked around and mentioned to my wife that this clay figurine above was modeled after someone – my Mother-In-Law! She has a seriously high threshold for B.S., which is why we remain happily married. Any other woman in the world would have had me sleeping on the couch after saying that.

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