Exceptional Turkey-Leftover Recipe – Won’t Make Your Love Handles Any Bigger

An easy dish that’s packed with protein, a dash of flavor and some starch for body. Featuring… Chef John’s Turkey Rice recipe.

I admit it, I love a good bird. Who doesn’t?

And I like em’ big. I always overspend and buy turkeys that are bigger than my guest list. What’s not to love? A bird with supple and firm white breasts, big and bouncy to boot… tight thighs and toned legs that are fit for Peloton workouts. The bird we got was one hot chick, but fat enough to ensure there was plenty of cushion for the pushin’.

Because our asses were pushin’ our couch cushions a bit deeper after our Thanksgiving feast.

What… did you think I was getting kinky or something? You’ve got a filthy mind.

Keep it up. That’s why I like you.

Chef John’s Turkey rice dish is so simple, yet so tasty, it’s the best one-pot solution the day after you prep/cook/serve a dozen side dishes. Dear God, you deserve a break!

The key to all this is the colorful toppings and ingredients you use as a garnish. Green onion, cilantro, and red pepper provide the perfect contrast to the rich and deep flavors of the turkey and rice.

Toss your boned leftovers, plus some white meat into a pot and fill it with four cups of chicken broth. Let is simmer for an hour, turn the meat, and simmer for half-an-hour longer.

While this is cooking, chop up the garinsh ingredients featured in the recipe and set aside. Once the meat and broth have cooked, it will fall off the bone. Remove the tendons and crap pieces and chop it all up. Toss in ¾ of a cup of rice into the broth and let that simmer for ten minutes, then toss the chopped turkey back into the pot.

It simmers up into a plump mix with body and it takes another 15-20 to cook, depending on how you like your rice. You may want to add some more broth.

I can’t get enough of Chef John, so if you like his other dishes, check out the other recipes I made below.

WEATHER ALERT: The storms blowing through the Midwest will hit the east coast on Sunday, so this dish is fit for cold and gnarly weather. I have some other dishes featured below that are terrific for bad weather days… albeit they will just fatten you up even more.

So maybe that Peloton bike you’ve been thinking about is not a bad Christmas gift after all.

Fortunately, this particular dish is not too heavy.

Enjoy, and keep those dirty thoughts stirring around in your head for as long as you can. On cold nights, they may provide proper motivation after the kids go to bed!

Recipe ingredients are available here at AllRecipes.com

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