Skewer your Soul with Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Yum!

A slight alteration can make these perfect for anyone who is working hard to lose weight.

There’s nothing better than a delicious indulgence that is lower in fat. The two rarely go hand-in-hand, but for this dish, the marination and grilling elements make it a great dish to make at Summer’s end.

To no one’s surprise, this represents another dish by the highly acclaimed vlogger, Chef John. I can’t get enough of this guy! In fact, I made two of his dishes this weekend. I’ll share the second dish later this week, however, that one is not for the feint of heart – because it is indeed a heart stopper.

But to the grilled chicken skewers. The beauty of this dish is once you marinate the meat, you preserve it to save for basting. This requires you to boil the liquids after they’ve been soaking in raw chicken for 4-6 hours, but it is worth it.

Grilling is easy and I recommend using a paper towel, soaked with vegetable oil, and use it to coat the surface of the grill itself. This is a great trick as it makes turning the kabobs an easier process and why drape your marinated meat with oil when you do not need to?

We opted to serve this dish with grilled corn, which is not the healthiest vegetable. Feel free to use another veggie if you’re following a strict diet plan like Isagenix. The other trick is to replace the chicken thighs with sliced chunks of chicken breast. The darker meat adds more flavor and fat, but I’m confident this dish would be fine using white chicken meat.

The combined flavors of soy sauce, ginger and green onions is sublime. Chef John doesn’t provide a robust catalog of healthy-video recipes, but when you find one, it’s always worth trying. And I skipped the ranch dressing. Anything with mayonaise and creme fraiche never makes it onto my radar.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the last ‘Summer BBQ Series’ from The Father Apprentice. Here’s the video to the recipe so you can review prior to clicking.

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