Beef Bourguignon is so C’est Bon!

One of the easiest recipes that will make you look like a true chef. Just don’t refer to yourself as one, otherwise you’ll sound cocky.

Beef Bourguignon is so choice.

The key to this dish is the roux, which is when you stir in flour while you’re browning vegetables. It’s a tried and true method for thickening a sauce.

This is how the pro’s do it but suffice it to say, I am not one! I let my food do the talking for me, there’s no need to be a cocky cook! And as noted above, never refer to yourself as a chef unless you truly are one. That will prompt your wife to bash your ego… and if you have the in-laws over for dinner and they witness it, they will never forget it!

Friends don’t let friends get cocky over a tasty meal.

And what a good cook, enjoys most, is the silence that settles in when his guests are eating. They are too busy enjoying the food you cooked to speak! That’s the telltale sign if you made a good dish. Now isn’t it ironic, to quote Alanis Morrisette.

I digress, back to the roux. Watch the video and you’ll get the idea. This is a heavy dish, laden with fat so it’s an indulgence at best. Devour this kind of meal on a daily basis and you’ll be pushing up daisies come Springtime or slamming your chest like Chris Farley.

This is, yet again, a dish by the master, Chef John. He makes this look easy. And if you have not tried cooking with video recipes, once you do you’ll never go back. A one-armed, half brained knuckle dragger could make this dish. All thanks, of course, to Chef John and his blog, Food Wishes.

Here’s the dish, enjoy!


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