The Greatest ‘Gravy’ on the Face of the Earth

If you dislike Italian food, this post is not for you. My hunch is this represents 1% of the population so I’ll assume most readers have not clicked away yet.

Food Courtesy:

If you want to cook the greatest sauce, or ‘gravy’ as pure-bred Italian-Americans refer to it as, set your alarm clock for 6:30 a.m. At that time, you have six pounds of onions to slice.

By the time you’re done, your dish will be ready at dusk and you will consume the greatest meat sauce you have ever eaten in your life. I have done this recipe twice and it is a truly epic event. You have to be somewhat mentally deranged to commit to a dish that takes 12 to 13 hours to cook, but the payoff is worth it.

This is another recipe from the world-renowned vlogger, Chef John and his website Food Wishes. I am biased, so go ahead and sue me for flagrant and multiple promotions of this chef’s website. But look, he makes it easy. Introducing – Rigatoni Alla Genovese:

Cooking… from dawn to dusk… comes with benefits.

The best part of this dish – it predates the arrival of tomatoes in Italy. Read that sentence again. You can’t make this stuff up!

Believe it or not, despite the Italians having a lock on the culinary use of tomatoes, this vegetable only arrived after the conquistadors and Columbus brought it back from the Americas. If you’re calling bullshit on this fact, feel free to read Charles Mann’s book, 1491. The Aztecs and Mayans were agricultural masters and perfected the art of growing tomatoes, potatoes, corn (maize) and even sweet potatoes.

This recipe includes one small dab of tomato paste, purely for body and a touch of flavor.

This is perfect for the winter season, and only the winter season. It’s an all-day cook, slow and steady and if you pair it with a nice Malbec or dry red wine, chances are…

…You’ll get laid (with the mother of your child, of course!).

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