When They Waddle like a Goose, Educate Them

Watching him was not unlike observing a goose - more waddling than walking with high steps in between. But unlike a goose, he had bursts of speed. If our eyes glazed over with exhaustion or we looked elsewhere sometimes we’d hear a thump. And then our goose-like child would be on his ass, stunned that... Continue Reading →

The Greatest ‘Gravy’ on the Face of the Earth

If you dislike Italian food, this post is not for you. My hunch is this represents 1% of the population so I’ll assume most readers have not clicked away yet. Food Courtesy: https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/ If you want to cook the greatest sauce, or ‘gravy’ as pure-bred Italian-Americans refer to it as, set your alarm clock for... Continue Reading →

Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad is Actually Quite Intoxicating

Despite the uproar over the brand addressing #MeToo in its advertising, it provides a unique opening: to distinguish gentlemen from knuckle draggers You have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to Gillette’s new commercial. Consider the uphill battle that must have taken place in corporate boardrooms, creative agencies and in the... Continue Reading →

The Dividends of a Fun Kid Project: Scotch!

A crafts project, and a killer scotch. There’s one purpose behind this post – to provide an idea for a fun project to do with your kid(s). But then, I’ll be honest, there’s another one. Let’s get the kid stuff out of the way. You can literally make anything out of product packaging. Case in... Continue Reading →

The Real Purpose of Money

Why is a blogger, who is supposed to write about fatherhood, posting stories about money? Because in the end, money serves an important purpose: to enable one to be a more involved parent. Framed with this perspective in mind, I hope you’ll consider the logic behind my premise. At some point in your life, you... Continue Reading →

A Cynical Perspective on Cynics: Preventing Your Kid from Becoming One

Cynics have a place in society. They represent the devil’s advocate, and usually on the negative side of a debate. No matter how rosy something may look, their glass is half empty. I’m not discussing Debbie the Downer types. Those folks need to be thrown out a window without a discussion about consequences. I’m referring... Continue Reading →

Nacho Libre Results in… Nacho Toddler!

He moved behind me, flanking my position on the carpet. I could sense his presence, which is not hard to fathom. What he did next was shocking. He pulled both my arms around, bent them at the elbows, then collapsed on top of me: fifty pounds of weight, on my back, with my arms entangled... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Hide the Power Cord

One does not work without the other. Our son started using an iPad at three years old, which may sound incredibly irresponsible but it is not. You’ve got to expose your children to technology at some point… … but it begs the question, how much is too much? For dads who have kids under the... Continue Reading →

Parenting in the Era of Hyper-Political Correctness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceS_jkKjIgo During the holiday season, I read a news report about people getting upset over the song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’ Then I heard on a radio talk show about how stations were concerned their listeners might be offended. My first instinct was, here come the snowflakes… now they are starting a cultural war over... Continue Reading →

The Best ‘Cooking Manual’ EVER

Want to make beef stroganoff? How about coq au vin? Intimidated? Don’t be. I’ve got something better than a recipe, which is simply a list of ingredients and written instructions. Sometimes, what the chef-authors describe in writing doesn’t translate into a tasty meal. It’s easy to miss a step or to be unfamiliar with a... Continue Reading →

Venmo You Money? Here’s a Benjamin Instead

My PayPal account was hacked in December. This long-lost remnant of paying, a throwback to 2012, came back to bite me in the ass smack in the middle of the holiday season. After a courteous conversation with the company, they compensated me for thousands of dollars and then reversed course – and added the debt... Continue Reading →

Surprise! I Still Love the Hell out of You

Two years into parenthood… Not a single break. Four years in… and still, not one break. At five years, one month and twenty-one days later we finally got our first break from being fulltime parents. Since the day my son was born, one of us was present for the first five-plus years of his life.... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Projects and Quality Time with Kids: Kiwi Crate

Here’s a unique concept – endorsing a product from a company without being compensated to do so. Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service that provides STEM-related projects. My wife signed my son up for these and I’ve been doing them with him for nearly two years. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your child... Continue Reading →

The Epic Cardboard Castle

Why you may ask, did we have so many large cardboard boxes around our house? Well, don’t. Let’s just say the contents which were delivered in those boxes were the equivalent of two new bathrooms. Writing the last three words in the paragraph above makes both my heart and wallet quiver. In light of these... Continue Reading →

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