The Dividends of a Fun Kid Project: Scotch!

A crafts project, and a killer scotch.

There’s one purpose behind this post – to provide an idea for a fun project to do with your kid(s).

But then, I’ll be honest, there’s another one. Let’s get the kid stuff out of the way.

You can literally make anything out of product packaging. Case in point, turning a container for scotch into an eagle. Wahoo! My son drew in the eyes, made the beak and I helped him with the wings. Good times.

Now the real purpose of this post. If you are a scotch drinker, this is hands down the best bang for the buck. The Oban brand of scotch is world renowned. It’s pricey, but they have another more modest label – their Little Bay line. Most decent bottles of scotch, the MacCallan’s and Balvenies of the world, cost north of $65. Oban’s Little Bay can be procured for $45 or less, and it is outstanding.

So yes, a project worth doing with your kid! If that costs you a bottle of scotch, to imbibe and enjoy over the course of several nights or weeks, remember – your primary reason for buying this is to provide a,‘fun crafts project for the kids.’

How nice that you can get something out of it too. Cheers!

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