Author of ‘Power of Dadhood’ Endorses Rookie Father

Michael Byron Smith, the author of The Power of Dadhood, shares his endorsement for the forthcoming book, Rookie Father.

I’m honored to share another endorsement for my forthcoming book, Rookie Father, which goes on sale on February 1st.

Michael wrote his inspirational book in 2015 and it garnered a number of positive reviews and endorsements. Richard Eyre, a New York Times bestselling author, endorsed his work and The Power of Dadhood can be found here on Amazon for review and purchase.

Here’s Michael’s endorsement for Rookie Father:

“Kendall Smith knows the damaging impact of being raised without a father and the irreplaceable power of being one. He has focused squarely on what a new father needs to know, giving any new dad a jump-start on the most important responsibility he will ever have! What better gift for a new dad?”

Michael Byron Smith, a veteran of the Air Force, continues to inspire new and all dads alike via his blog and social media account on Facebook – Helping Fathers to be Dads.

To review other endorsements Rookie Father has received to date, click here. The book is available to pre-order on a number of respected online retailers featured on this page of the blog.

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