Kids That are Polite, Kind, and Have Manners? It Starts With The Parents

A recent episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show highlights how two siblings were kind and polite to one another in a crib/break-out session. The credit goes to the parents.

If you have not watched the video yet, give it a few days.

It will pop up on your social feed or a friend will mention it to you in passing. With over 100,000,000 YouTube views, this video of two siblings has become a national obsession. Ellen Degeneres featured the family on her show this past week and it’s available now on Facebook. Besides Ellen being one of daytime’s best hosts, the family was entertaining and as cute as can be.

Something went unsaid and it’s worth touching on – credit has to be given to the parents. When you watch the video, and see how Levi (the boy toddler) and his younger sister (Vivi) help and speak to one another, it’s an anomaly.

How many siblings treat themselves like this? Maybe…. maybe 1% of the child population?  Come on, this is worthy of praise and one’s first instinct is to give props to the kids themselves.

Yes… but children at a young age represent a mirror image of their parents. This kind, patient and caring example represents a commitment by the parents themselves – it rarely if ever happens organically.

It’s worth reflecting on as parents, who take the time and commitment to espouse these same values, have an opportunity to make the world a (slightly) kinder and friendlier place.

As a blogger who writes for dads, it’s our job just as much as our wives (or better halves, per se) to pass along these values to the next generation.

To the parents, I say again, well done!

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