The Secret to Great Pancakes


There’s nothing… NOTHING better than cooking pancakes with your kids.

It’s easy to get them involved, there’s a fantastic pay off for everyone in the family and it’s a great way to introduce your kid(s) to cooking.

This is likely so obvious, so mundane that you’ve stopped reading BUT WAIT! If you don’t finish reading this post you’ll miss the secret ingredient.

Good, glad you’re still with me. When you make pancakes, unless you are making them from scratch with flour, baking soda etc. you’re probably using a pre-made mix. I did this myself for years. In fact, one of the only cooking lessons I received from my father was how to make pancakes using Bisquick batter mix.

I experimented over the years and discovered a fantastic way to enhance the flavor of pancakes: use vanilla. If you’re making one batch (one egg, cup of flour & milk) throw in a teaspoon of vanilla. You will not be disappointed.

Flip # 51.

Teaching your son or daughter how to be mindful of the hot griddle and stove also better prepares them for more complex dishes. And it takes roughly 50 pancake flips for your child to get the knack of it.


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