One-Year Ago Today, Rookie Father was Released Into The Wild!

Feeling gratitude and appreciation for everyone who supported me along the way.

One year ago today, the official release of my first professional manuscript, Rookie Father, was released nationally by Familius Publishing. I’m grateful for all the support, reviews, and endorsements, not to mention the fifty-plus radio/podcast outlets that hosted me to discuss the mission behind the book.

This represented a seven-year journey that started at 5:00am the morning after my son turned one year old. The writing continued for a year before professional feedback and editing consumed two more years. Delays due to Covid pushed the release out over a year and then shipping issues pushed it back even further.  

90+ reviews later, across various platforms and having scored a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, I appreciate everyone’s support including the retailers like Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Target, the digital and audio platforms – Kindle and Audible – and of course local online booksellers: IndieBound, Books-A-Million, and Thank You!

Sometimes the journey takes longer than expected, but the journey itself makes everything worthwhile.

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