Bestselling Author Christy Monson Endorses Rookie Father

I’m honored to share another endorsement for Rookie Father, by Christy Monson—author of Family Talk.

It brings me great pleasure to share another endorsement for Rookie Father, A Playbook for Men Who are Brand New to Fatherhood.

Christy Monson is the author of several books and she was an M.S. in Counseling Pyschology and Marriage & Family Therapy from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’m also excited to announce Rookie Father is now available on

To date, the book has received 12 professional endorsements and over 30 reader reviews across various online retailers.

Here is the full quote from Christy Monson’s endorsement:

“Many young men grow up without fathers in their lives. How do you parent without an example? Rookie Father answers this question—and many more. The author’s casual writing style invites the reader on a journey through fatherhood that is full of wisdom and insight. He shares his own story of growing up with divorce and encourages the reader to look forward and not to the past in creating meaningful relationships. He includes interviews with Dana Glazer (The Evolution of Dad) and Alan Katz, publisher and media mogul. The book take-away gives the reader permission to create positive parent-child memories and connections that will filter through generations to come.”

– Christy Monson, Author of Family Talk, Finding Peace in Time of Tragedy

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