Podcast Interview – The Dad Edge and Rookie Father

Larry Hagner hosted me on his Podcast, The Dad Edge, and we had a great discussion about marriage, raising kids, and fatherhood.

Fatherhood comes in all shapes and sizes, and when you speak to someone who is an experienced interviewer and fellow author, the questions are direct and more importantly, honest.

That was my take after my interview with Larry Hagner, host of The Dad Edge. Episodes of his show were downloaded seven million times last year and our interview went live just a few days ago. You can watch it here or click to YouTube, and in the Podcast space it is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast:

I encourage new and experienced dads alike to check out Larry’s website to watch (or listen) to other episodes – The Dad Edge is rich in content and diverse perspectives are provided. I admire the work he is doing and if Rookie Father can garner even a fraction of what Larry’s accomplished to date, the work will represent a success.

I welcome readers to click here to read the latest endorsements for Rookie Father, and it is available for sale at national and local booksellers.

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