Book Excerpt—Alan Katz, Notable Business Executive and Family Man

I had the privilege to feature Alan Katz in my book, Rookie Father. His insights about fatherhood and how to manage one’s career and family life are more relevant than ever.

When one is penning a book about fatherhood, but the author himself was raised by a divorced mother, it’s usually wise to take counsel of the advice given from respected parents: men and women alike.

That was my circumstance when I began to pen Rookie Father, which was released this month by Familius Publishing. The process I used to share the given advice started with family and friends, but to introduce particular sections, I leaned on several guest interviews to illustrate key suggestions on how best to parent.

Alan Katz, the former Publisher at Conde’ Nast (CARGO and Vanity Fair Magazine), was my boss and thereafter a mentor. He climbed the ranks in the publishing world and established himself as an industry leader and continues to be with his forthcoming magazine, The Mountains.

But he’s also a father of three and has been happily married to his wife, Cheryl, for over twenty years. Managing a high-profile career, whilst raising three kids, is no easy task. He did so (seemingly) with ease and it prompted me to interview Alan.

The interview is featured between two important sections, titled ‘Your Work Life’ and ‘Your Finances,’ as they often go hand-in-hand. The former requires a fresh perspective about work itself while the latter provides suggestions on how to better manage your money – to save for important life events (buying a home, college savings, retirement, etc.)

Here’s an excerpt, one of my favorites, where Alan highlights the key to a good marriage and how parenting provided life lessons that he found useful in his work life. I am honored to have Alan featured in Rookie Father, which is available for purchase at local and national booksellers.

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