Rookie Father – Available For Purchase

I’m pleased to announce Rookie Father is available for purchase at major and local bookstores across the country.

Familius Publishing released Rookie Father today and it is available for purchase at national retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Local bookstores are stocking it as well, and websites such as Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and are taking orders.

A five-year journey comes to an end, and a new chapter begins and I invite you to review the endorsements the book has received to date.

The mission remains the same – to offer a playbook for men who are ‘brand new’ to fatherhood. Rookie Father was written for new dads who may not have had a father figure growing up – an audience that equates to 19 million American men who are in (or entering) the parenting stage of their lives. The book provides bite-size pieces of succinct and actionable advice across a host of subjects.

I welcome you to enjoy the book and readers are welcome to provide feedback via ‘contact the author’ details featured in the book itself.

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