Author of The Family Edge Endorses Rookie Father

Gibb Dyer (PhD, MIT), Academic Director of the Ballard Center in the Marriott School of Business, provides his stamp of approval for the forthcoming book, Rookie Father.

I’m pleased to share Gibb Dyer’s endorsement for my forthcoming work, Rookie Father, which goes on sale February 1st. The work will be released nationally by Familius Publishing.

Gibb penned the book, The Family Edge, and his research has been cited in publications such as Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Here’s his endorsement for Rookie Father:

““Kendall Smith’s new book, Rookie Father, provides a treasure trove of helpful ideas for new fathers (and old fathers) alike.  As someone who has done research on families and has been married for 44 years with 7 children and 20 grandchildren, I found the book providing the kind of advice that all fathers need as they try to navigate the challenges of being and husband and father.”

To review other endorsements Rookie Father has received to date, click here. The book is available to pre-order through a number of respected online retailers featured on this page of the blog.

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