Author of Free-Range Kids Endorses Rookie Father

Lenore Skenazy, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Let Grow (a non-profit promoting childhood independence and resilience) endorses Rookie Father.

It brings me great pleasure to share another endorsement for my forthcoming book, Rookie Father, by renowned author, Lenore Skenazy. Here is her complete endorsement, which is featured within the book’s details across online book retailers (where the book is available to pre-order):

“If you grew up without a dad can you become a great one to your own kids? You sure can, with a little help. This book — by a guy in your exact situation — is a wonderful place to start! The trick is to gather information, study some good examples, and adopt a curious and optimistic outlook that allows you to grow. Crisp, clear and hopeful.”

Lenore Skenazy is the author of Free-Range Kids and president of Let Grow, a non-profit promoting childhood independence and resilience, and founder of the Free-Range Kids movement. She is also a speaker, blogger, syndicated columnist, author, and reality show host.

For more information about Lenore’s work, I welcome you to review her books further below and her social platforms:

Free-Range Kids, Giving our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry

Lenore’s Social Platforms: Facebook /  Twitter

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