A Billion Committed Dads Trump a Few Billionaires in Space

Nearly one-fourth of U.S. children are raised in single-parent homes, but if men commit themselves to be involved fathers, our world will be better for it.

Their success stems from guts, taking huge risks, and committing themselves to their businesses in good times and bad. I tip my hat to Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos for the success they’ve both achieved in the business world.

If they inspire a few souls on planet earth or motivate a million people to move forward in life, that’s a wonderful accomplishment.

If we really want to change the world, the best place to start would be in our homes. That starts with men who are fathers and supporting them if and when they reengage with their kids.

There’s a disconnect in the American family unit, and it’s gone unaddressed for decades. I’ve theorized it started with the sex revolution, which triggered the gender wars in the sixties and seventies and today divorce (and family abandonment by fathers) is a fixture in our society that needs attention.

I do not hold a grudge in any way towards women/moms, because ultimately, our country benefits from their involvement in the economy, their brainpower, and their independence. I espouse equality 24/7 between the genders, but we have to take stock in the demise of our children’s future—stemming from the absence of male role models. Namely, active fathers.

Can you imagine a generation of children enjoying twice the amount of love and direction any generation has had since the early 60s? How much better would our world be in twenty years if today’s parents commit themselves, wholeheartedly, to playing active roles in the lives of their children.

That is the mission of my forthcoming book, Rookie Father, and if I can find a few million dads to reengage with their kids, and eliminate the stigma of taking that step, we will live in a better world.

A billionaire in space is a nice thing to have, maybe it’s a ‘want’ in our hearts. To see humanity take another step toward the stars is a wonderful moment to savor.

Fathers, who cut themselves off from their children but decide to try again… that represents bravery that is on par with anyone who has left our atmosphere. That represents a ‘need’ in our society. It takes courage, but the benefits far outweigh any hurdle, challenge, or past regret that will only worsen with the passing of time.

If you know a man who has taken this path, one away from his children, encourage him to step up and father his children. Anyone has the power to change the life of a child for the better. It only takes humility and courage.

And after that first step, it gets easier and easier for a man to re-establish his legacy in the minds of his children.

Onwards and upwards… not toward the skies, but in the lives of our children.

Sincerely – Kendall

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