The Inauguration—An Event Worthy of Our Children’s Respect

Watching the peaceful transition of power in our nation’s capital is the best course to take after this month’s tragedy in Washington D.C.

The riots earlier this month represent a somber and disheartening moment in our nation’s history, one we will remember in the years to come. Regardless of your political point of view, we will reflect and give serious thought to its consequences and where we go from here.

For parents, we are not the only ones who will question what transpired. We carry the burden of having to provide some kind of explanation or rationale to explain what we witnessed to our kids. Their impression of our country is being formed right now.

Singular events have the power to transform a child’s perspective. Consider what it was like when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the moon landing, the Challenger disaster or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Historic events matter and leave an indelible mark on what it means to be an American when you are 5, 10, or 18 years old.

Parents have an opportunity next week to counter the events that took place on January 6th at the Capitol. For the 45th time in our nation’s history, after John Adams was sworn in as the second President, the peaceful transition of power will take place when Joe Biden takes the oath as the next President of the United States.

The inauguration, in contrast to the pandemic and our political divides, represents the best antidote parents have to illustrate one of our most cherished values. The event itself is representative of our nation’s love of peace and illustrates to the world how a country can transition successfully from one leader to the next.

The pandemic also provides us with a unique opportunity—to watch the event together as a family. For fathers across the nation, never have we enjoyed so much time with our families given our work-from-home orders. Watch it together as a family unit; make it an event and highlight our better angels to the next generation.

I encourage you, as I did, to reach out to your kid’s teachers, principals, and your superintendent of schools to block out this window of time on January 20th, free of class schedules or tests. If nothing less, DVR the event and watch it outside of school hours.

This will represent a positive moment for our country. Perhaps the impression our children will have of the United States, after the week’s events, will be broader and brighter.

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