The Two-Week Family Quarantine Promise, and Returning to School

Families who travel during the Summer months will put others at risk for Covid infections when their kids return to school. A suggestion for parents to reduce the risk.

We know for certain that Covid-19 is transmitted through the air, but despite taking all necessary precautions, those who travel away from home risk exposing themselves to the disease. It can happen under the most innocent of circumstances—opening a door at a pharmacy down at the Jersey Shore. We also know people can transmit the virus without showing any symptoms.

Meanwhile, we’re weeks away from our kids returning to school. Whether that is one or four days a week or perhaps half-day sessions, parents can take action now to prevent the disease from spreading to classmates and teachers alike.

It’s called the Two-Week School Quarantine, an idea that my thoughtful and brilliant wife came up with that can tamp down the risk of infection.

The process is simple. First and foremost—enjoy the Summer! Take all the necessary precautions and wear a face mask. Anything less (given what we know) is flat-out stupid. All-night keggers in a Houston tavern, in close proximity to others, is not recommended. The second part is not hard to fathom, as many parents quarantined their families earlier this year: self-quarantine for two weeks before your kid goes back to school.

For families with kids going back to school in September, they can socialize with other families IF they have maintained a distance from others who have traveled. This demands parents are transparent with one another if they plan to spend time with each other. If your son’s best friend had an aunt who visited from Boca Grande the week prior, that would disqualify them for socialization. A pop-in from your mother-in-law, who traveled from Boston, would disqualify your family. It’s possible to socialize with other families, but one has to be vigilant and honest.

And if that lovely mother-in-law disqualifies you, this two-week quarantine process ensures you’re doing everything you can to prevent Covid-19 from spreading in classrooms.

This would also negate that trip you plan to take over Labor Day weekend to visit the Golden Girls museum in Fort Myers, Florida. One has to stay home. This may not sit well with you, but fortunately, reruns of this show are widely available.

Doing so would reduce the risk of your child infecting other kids, their teachers, and their families when they return to school. Let’s agree to do everything we can, as parents, to keep our communities safe.

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