PS I Love You Has a New Contributor

I’m excited to share the news I’m a new contributor to the family-related website, PS I Love You.

The family-related website, PS I Love You, agreed to add me to their roster of authors and it kicked off this week with a special article.

Published on Wednesday, What Bonding With My Kids Has Meant For My Life, reflects upon having an entire year to bond with my son. A lengthy job search, plus Covid-19, provided me the chance to spend more time with my son than I ever had with my own father.

That’s not nothing… and when I photographed my son, Connor, before an azealia bush in 2019, and then again one year later, it hit a nerve.

What better place to share this story than on a website with the word “Love” in it?

I’m grateful to the editors for picking up my story and invite you to read it yourself. If you do, give it a “clap” as readers can do so if they like what they read.

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