Top-Ten Jim Carrey GIFs, For Family Covid-Update Emails

The importance of family communication, in times of crisis, cannot be understated. Doing so with crazy Jim Carrey GIFS espouses something the written word alone cannot express.

Cabin fever, when this is all said and done, will be an understatement. We will officially enter the “bat-sh*t crazy” stage if we are still under quarantine come June.

So, when you reach out to loved ones, include one of these wonderful GIFS to express how you truly feel. Bear in mind, this top ten list gets progressively worse, from uncomfortable to the aforementioned stage which is cabin fever times 10. And let’s be honest, no actor in history illustrates “crazy” better than Jim Carrey in the roles he has played.

Introducing the “Covid-Crazy” Progression of GIFS.

Stage 1: Uncomfortable – Note the subtle facial gestures that reflect one’s apprehension.

Stage 2: Disgruntled The light within one’s soul begins to dim.

Stage 3: Very unpleseant Trepidation becomes common.

Stage 4: Frustrated – Menial tasks agitate one’s composition.

Stage 5: Come on, enough! Voicing one’s concerns becomes… common. Very common.

Stage 6: Are you sh*tting with me?!? The hole one tries to dig his way out of grows steeper in incline, and depth.

Stage 7: One Flew Over the F*cking Coockoo’s Nest Separating reality from fiction becomes, well, more challenging.

Stage 8: I am running around the house with SCISSORS!!!! Ha Ha Ha! Psychosis begins; how unfortunate.

Stage 9: You lookin’ at ME?!?!?!?!?!?! When the world sees you, they turn away. In fact, they run, which on some level is effective when it comes to social distancing.

Stage 10: Bat-Sh*t Crazy No amount of medication would go far enough to cure one at this stage. May I suggest, hospice?

And when we’re done, it will feel like an unending tide of traffic, suddenly opening up to move. Our clenched minds will release and we may evolve, cognitively, into something else. This transformation took place in the movie, Me, Myself and Irene.

See you in June.

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