The Best Product to Counter the Early-Rise Child

He rose from slumber at 6:30, then 6:00 and then 5:30 am. The madness had to stop, here’s what worked for us.

I’m pleased to share The Father Apprentice’s first product endorsement – the Mirari Ok to Wake clock.

See you at 7:01 am, and not before!

It goes without saying that when kids wake up early, it represents a disturbance in the force.

Oh how we loved when our son slept through the night for the first time! Liberation from sleep deprivation! It was a holiday unto itself, a joyful nine hours of uninterrupted sleep!

This continued, in tandem with naps, until the tail end of 3-years-old. Then, like a creeping itch that you ignore that unbeknownst to you is poison ivy, his window of sleeping grew shorter… and shorter. Before we knew it, we had a full-on rash that infected our brains – the early riser!

Friends of ours introduced the Mirari clock to us and noted how well it worked. The rule is simple – you’re not allowed to leave your bed until the light turns on. The plastic glows at the time you set and it indicates when junior is allowed to leave his bedroom. Any time before then, and it’s back to bed!

We set ours for 7:00 am after weeks of 5:30 and 6:00 am wake up calls from our son. It took two nights, and three weeks later, not a peep before 7:00.

Obviously, a nightmare warrants a visit or an excursion outside the bedroom. But the nightmare itself of early wake-up calls for parents ends when one uses this product.

Here’s a clickable screenshot and no, I was not paid to endorse this product – a novel concept compared to bloggers who get paid to write nice things about sub-par products (I guess someone’s got to pay their mortgage!).

Click to Amazon.

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