Kids and Drugs: CBD Oil? Suggestions on How to Frame Discussions about Soft Drugs

While federal and state authorities legalize products like CBD oil, what does this mean for parents who want to keep their kids off drugs?

Let’s be honest; it’s never been a better time to be a libertarian. Those carefree souls who want little to no regulation when it comes to personal vices are having a field day. Online gambling is one example; anyone with a credit card and a cellphone can bet on games in several states. The number of states that legalize this vice will grow in the years to come.

There will be consequences; half of all Americans have saved nothing for retirement, according to Bloomberg. I guess we’ll know who the real gamblers are when we watch them work well into their 80’s to afford food, shelter and clothing.

A well-stocked van for Phish shows. Formerly used on Grateful Dead tours.

What happens when CBD oil, the extract derived from marijuana (sans THC), is widely used? Will we represent the most relaxed population on planet earth? Will it be available in the form of lollipops for the sake of convenience?

What a shitty conversation to have with a teenager who is likely exposed to more serious drugs. How do modern-day parents deal with a vice that is state approved but the long-term consequences represent a springboard for bad habits and experimentation?

Let’s be honest, ‘Just Say No’ is not going to cut it.

I can make the argument, as an adult, that it is perfectly fine for a person to use CBD oil for their personal use. If they misuse the product and put others’ safety at risk, then it crosses the line. Even a Socialist can agree it’s bad for society for serious abusers to not go unpunished.

But this post is not about adults – it’s about the message we send to children. Something has to be said and a line has to be drawn in the sand to encourage children not to rely on outside substances to get on with life.

What’s the alternative, B-hits with junior before the prom? Come on.

Here’s the suggestion. Appeal to your child’s ego. If they express an interest in trying the next fad coming out of ‘stonerville,’ tell them the reason people use drugs is they are weak. The user needs something to get by because they can’t handle stress, their emotions or life in general. It’s a crutch for the soft minded.

‘Your brain can be altered by these drugs so you’ll end up developing a crutch in life. So, don’t be weak minded.’ That seems rational to me, a dad of a five-year-old who has yet to deal with these circumstances.

A chicken suffering from the side affects of CBD oil.

The other point of leverage you have is money. You always have to promote transparency and honesty, so if your son or daughter tries a drug, ask them who paid for it. Regardless if they paid or not, cut off their allowance and ring their wallet dry for a few months. Let them work hard to re-earn your trust with a personal drug-free policy in order to reestablish access to your hard-earned money.

If it makes your kid smarter, better prepared and honest, take no shame when you ridicule those who take drugs. Throw them straight under the bus and don’t look back.

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