Article Published, The Good Men Project: Bullying & Resilience

A previous blog post was published as an article by The Good Men Project: Stop Bullying? Obviously, but Promote Resilience with Equal Vigor We invite our fans and readers to visit to review and to find other terrific advice on fatherhood, relationships, etc.

Teaching Self Defense: A Lesson for Dads Everywhere

My son was threatened at school, and like any parent and I wanted to ensure my son would be able to defend himself if things got ugly. This resulted in an extremely humbling lesson for… the parent himself. Bullies suck I knew this day would arrive sooner than later and it brought back memories of... Continue Reading →

Parenting in the Era of Hyper-Political Correctness During the holiday season, I read a news report about people getting upset over the song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’ Then I heard on a radio talk show about how stations were concerned their listeners might be offended. My first instinct was, here come the snowflakes… now they are starting a cultural war over... Continue Reading →

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